Where and how much to apply fragrance

Today we're going to speak about how and where to apply fragrance, so this is a topic that is very important to all fragrance lovers. First of all, I want to tell you, know your fragrance.

You have to know your fragrance. You can't just say an Eau de Parfum is always stronger than Eau de Toilette, and pure perfume is always stronger than Eau de Cologne.

You know Abercrombie & Fitch: Fierce how strong that was back in the day, and it was classified as Eau de Cologne. So don't be fooled, and don't be worried about how it's just an Eau de Toilette. You have to try it on your skin. Simply spray the fragrances on your hand and see how long they last. This is the easiest way.

So where to apply fragrance? For me nowadays, I always use the same spray routine. I have tried many spray routines. I speak about five sprays. By the way, this goes also for the ladies out there; this is not only for men.

To me, the most efficient spray technique for getting the most compliments was when I sprayed myself one and two behind each ear, three and four on my collar, and one on the back of my neck.


One behind each ear. So when I give you a left kiss, right kiss, you smell me, and you think I smell good. And this counts also for the ladies. Also, spray behind the ear, not on the hair.

It doesn't annoy you if the fragrance is behind the ears and not directly on your neck. When the fragrance is behind the ears, it covers your intimate area, and that's nice. It's also not on your shoulders, and it's also not on your hands. You want people to come closer to you and then smell that fantastic fragrance.


Why on the collar? Simply, I shave every day. We men have the issue that we get red spots if we spray directly on our skin because of the alcohol.
The only thing you should know about is it doesn't spray that close. Spray it from a distance. And you always have to know the clothes; always wear your fragrance longer than your skin.

The clothes will always stay with your fragrance longer than your pure skin. Again, if your girlfriend licks your neck, or you kiss the neck of your girlfriend or someone else, you won't lick up the oil of the fragrance and alcohol. You will get a nice smell from the ear and collar, but the neck is still clean.

Back of your neck

And why on the back of your neck? Because if you go somewhere, you have a nice scent trail behind you. People turn their heads and stop to smell your fragrance. And I really tried a lot of spray routines, and often when I applied perfume more than five times, I didn't simply get that many compliments.
Like just yesterday, I got two compliments for a very unpopular fragrance where I had this exact spray routine.

I had another situation with the same woman. Same fragrance and two weeks difference. One day no compliment, the other day three compliments in one day. She just couldn't get enough of that fragrance because it was just a bit there but not overwhelming. So less sometimes means more.