Perfume gift sets for her

Today we're going to speak about perfume gift sets for her.

Now, we go to the female side of things. I was thinking should I do it the same cheap, middle expensive, expensive? But then I thought, no, I don't want you to gift a girl, or your woman, or whatever type of girl, a celebrity fragrance.

You know, I don't want you to give a Rihanna fragrance at Christmastime; although it's good. And I don't want you to give your girlfriend or your wife Pink Sugar by Aquolina. It's also not bad, but how does that look under the Christmas tree?

So, I say you should spend a bit more money. We have three fragrances that are not cheap and not too expensive; these are my three suggestions, in a different type of sorting on which I can suggest to you for women and girls as a gift.

So, first, if you want to go simply and super safe, if you want a fragrance that will appeal to any woman. It is the fragrance of gratitude with which she will be happy, and the fragrance of a famous brand. Give her Dior Poison Girl. She will spray it. She will like it.

It has vanilla, almond and tonka bean in it. It is just like Hypnotic Poison, but it is not as overwhelming and it is not super strong. It's much more like a normal perfume. This is like a typical mainstream smell.

If you want to get a fragrance for a girl, for a young teenager or something, then this would be perfect. It's very innocent, and it's a very girly version. Perhaps if you or someone you know just finds the other Poisons too overwhelming, then this is a more typical normal smell.

I'm very sure that there is almost no better fragrance that suits the deal like Dior Poison Girl and especially the Eau de Toilette version. The Eau de Toilette has even more mass appeal than the already fantastic Eau de parfum.

It has a gorgeous fragrance DNA. Every person will enjoy this one. So this is one suggestion.

Dior gift set

Christian Dior Poison Girl gift set contains: 3.4 oz. EAU de TOILETTE + 0.34 oz. EAU de TOILETTE

If you want to go a bit more special, more unique in the way she should smell, if you want to give your wife a special gift and you're looking for a sweet and unique fragrance, I would say to go for Mon Guerlain. This fragrance, to me, is a fragrance that I would give my wife currently.

This is a fresh oriental fragrance. For me, it's a sweet fragrance that has a little bit of a gourmand feel to it. There is Tahitian vanilla, which brings sweetness to the fragrance. And the vanilla is a very expensive smelling vanilla. There is also lavender, which is typically a note that you don't see in women's fragrances. It's more of note that is used in men's fragrances. I think that is what gives it that nice contrast. The lavender creates a nice freshness and it becomes unique. Because you don't often smell lavender in female fragrances. For the base of the fragrance, there is sandalwood, which kind of brings a mystery and strength.

When you first spray this fragrance, it's quite strong, in a good way. So, when you spray it, you will still smell it on yourself for at least an hour. Then, after about an hour, it starts to become a fragrance that warms on your skin. It kind of becomes very soft, and you need to be quite close up to smell this fragrance on you.

It's just like one of those perfect fragrances for a date, or as a signature fragrance that smells pretty amazing whatever you're doing. So, this has become one of my favorite fragrances ever. It's a very versatile fragrance. Smells very feminine and womanly. I recommend checking this fragrance out, and I have to say. When I first smelled this fragrance, I was in love with it straight away.

If I had a girlfriend or if I had a wife, this would be a fantastic fragrance. I'm telling you, this smell is very fantastic. Gorgeous!

mon guerlain gift set

Guerlain Mon Guerlain gift set contains: a 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum + 0.1 oz. Eau de Parfum + a 2.5 oz. Perfumed body lotion + a 2.5 oz. Perfumed shower gel

The last one is also like a Swiss Army knife that you can give to somebody at any time.

This fragrance has been around since 2001, and most people are probably familiar with it, have smelled this on someone, or know someone who has worn it in the past. It's never sort of top of the bestsellers list, but it's kind of consistently still there. It still sells quite well and has a sort of band of followers that like it.

It is an oceanic, fresh fragrance. The sort of branding and idea behind the fragrance is that it's kind of like an Italian Sicilian summer.

The fragrance is: D&G Light Blue Intense. When you first spray it, you do get quite a hit of zesty lemon. And there's also a bit of a fresh apple in there, like a granny apple type smell. Then, as that settles down, you get a little bit more sort of musky woody undertones. There are some floral notes in here, but I can't smell them. There is a little bit of rose and a little bit of Bellflower in here, but I think the thing that I can smell is bamboo.

The kind of person that this would be perfect for is someone who is looking for something quite neutral, quite fresh, likable, and inoffensive. It's a sort of neutral in that respect, and people who like Acqua di Gio and any sort of blue, fresh type smell will probably like this as well. It's got that same fresh feeling to it. This fragrance is a more intense version of the original Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, which most of you girls know.

Overall, I think this is quite a nice oceanic fragrance. Good for a gift because it's pretty neutral; perfect for hotter days outside.

Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Intense gift set

Dolce Gabbana: Light Blue Intense gift set contains: Eau de Parfum Spray 3.3 oz. + Body cream 3.3 oz. + Shower gel 3.3 oz.