Best niche fragrances

This is my top 5 of my most complimented and best niche fragrances ever. But first, we start with two honorable mentions.

The first honorable mention is called Hugh Parsons Traditional. Just the right thing for a more mature man. It smells nice and fresh, with a hint of sweetness. Good performance for a kind of soapy smell. You definitely will get compliments for this.

The second honorable mention is called Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street. My most favorite Bond number nine fragrance. This is green, sexy, grassy muskiness. Absolutely love that stuff. Has very solid performance for a green fresh spring fragrance. It just didn't get me as many compliments as the other ones.

Pegasus smells a lot like Dior Hypnotic Poison. Lavender and jasmine do give it a slightly aromatic floral touch at the beginning. The bulk of this fragrance is about sweet almond. The sandalwood base really meshes nicely as well, because it's quite creamy.

Unlike some of the other Parfums De Marly releases, this one's pretty unisex to my nose. Which makes sense because Hypnotic Poison was made for women. It's sweet, a bit floral yet, it has some wood to it and it's also versatile.

It doesn't even matter where you are; you can be in Ibiza at a cocktail bar, you can be in a grocery store. This thing works very well everywhere, at any time of the year. Especially in the evening.

This is a very strong fragrance and perhaps has my favorite bottle in Parfums De Marly line. It's also a 'compliment getter', because it's strong and sweet. This thing is by far the strongest fragrance in this list. Some people mistake it with a similar vibe of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. I don't see that at all.

The nice thing about the combination of notes is it's not as clawing as some of the sweet-gourmand fragrances, which are just sweet notes, there is a bit of balance in here.

This thing gets me a brutal number of compliments, and I feel very confident. Very clean and so much better than all the surrounding people. I'm not kidding you.

It's very highly hyped in the community, like one of the most infamous you know niche scents, out right behind Aventus.

It's classified as a woody floral, and the perfumer behind the fragrance is Lucas Sieuzac.

I have seen other people compare this to Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. Yes and no. There is a slight resemblance to the fragrance. This isn't as sweet, and this is definitely classed as more refined and a much better version of Le Male.

On the skin, I get about eight-nine hours out of the fragrance.

I would say this is ideal for springtime. A lot of people would say that you could wear this as a formal fragrance and I agree.

I have a cloud of awesomeness around me when I wear Reflection Man; clean powdery awesomeness. I feel kind of arrogant. This thing smells kinda "alright I'm better than you".

Amouage Reflection Man alternative - Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male 

I love the design of this bottle. It's so edgy and fashion-forward, and it is actually one of my favorite colognes. The scent is so sensual and strong, and it's completely irresistible. The notes include lavender, vanilla, mint, orange blossom, and other woody notes.

You can wear this day or night but I think it makes a perfect cologne to wear for date night. I actually wear this only casually often when I'm about to just get up and go out.

The lasting power on this is very long as well. The fragrance from just a couple of squirts of this will last up to 24 hours. I go to sleep, wake up the next day, and the perfume will still definitely be there. So longevity on this is excellent.

I would actually wear this in our fall, in the winter. Anyone over 25 can wear this. I would almost be inclined to say that teenagers can wear it. I don't really find anything wrong with it. That's just that projection of romantic you might be coming off with the wrong vibe.

This has not only a designer price, but it also smells like a designer fragrance, and that's why, of course, it also gets you designer wise complements.

The notes consist of citruses, floral notes, woody notes, green notes, and spices. So when you spray this fragrance immediately, what do you get? Overall you get a very creamy, a very spicy, a very woody scent that has a citrus kick to it at first. That citrus kick will go away. After the citrus note dissipates, you're essentially left with a creamy warm woody-spicy type of a fragrance.

The fragrance overall definitely comes off as unisex to me. The first thing when I smelled this, I thought this scent was really one that could either go for a woman, or it could go for a man. So if you're not comfortable with those types of fragrances, you might want to steer away from it. But again, it's one of those fragrances that you definitely want to try out. But either way. It's very masculine. Very similar to Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense in many ways.

It definitely does well as a signature scent. It's very versatile. Works in many different scenarios. It's perfect for the fall. It's perfect for the spring. It's perfect for the summer.

It does not come off like a light fragrance. The fact that it is kind of a heavy fragrance. I know that sounds really weird, but when you try it, you'll see what I mean.

You can wear this to work, you can wear this on a date, you can wear this pretty much anywhere, and that's one of the shiny points of gear. It really has that versatility that allows you to pretty much wear it anywhere.

I did notice that it is a good compliment getter. So people will definitely think that you smell good, and more importantly, they haven't really smelled this smell before. It comes off as a unique scent, so if you're looking for something unique and looking for a signature scent, take a look at this one.

This thing has a scent like Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Just denser, thicker, more flowery, and brighter. Great for spring, great for summer. You can't go wrong with this. Very safe compliment getter.

This fragrance is just very classy and one of my most favorite oud fragrances without a doubt. If you have the right attitude with a suit, this works very well. That gets me pretty solid compliments when I wear a suit. This is a suit-only fragrance.

I get between two to three hours of projection; really great projection and longevity is good too. I get about six to seven hours on my skin; not the best, but it's okay.

I see use of this fragrance more towards the winter. Just when it's really cold outside, it's really great.

I see this fragrance for the ages of maybe 25 and above. I don't really see it for high school students. It's just more of a classy rich kind of fragrance. And this fragrance is not cheap.

It smells fantastic. I enjoyed this fragrance a lot. One of the superstars from Tom Ford's private blend.

I'm going to talk to you about this bottle of magic. I'm sure you've heard the hype about this one before, and you can well believe that the hype is all true.

If you're looking for something with amazing projection, something that lasts forever and something the women are going to love, try this. This is by far my most complimented fragrance.

I can't think of a time when I've been out wearing this and haven't been stopped on the street or in the supermarket even in boardrooms. Every time I wear this one, it just gets me compliments, people stop me everywhere. I can't think of one time, that I've worn it that I have not been stopped by a woman on the street.

It's really a very impactful fragrance when it comes to picking up the ladies. If you're a single guy, this one is an absolute chick magnet.

In the top notes, you will find blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples, and pineapple. The pineapple is I think a very important note in this fragrance. It's definitely something you notice in the omen. It's definitely something that gives this fragrance its uniqueness. Smells very pineapple.

To me, it's a bit more of a commercial fragrance. What do I mean? It's a very mainstream sort of smell, but it does have that quality, and that uniqueness to stand out a bit from the designers to make it something very nice and lovable.

In the heart notes in here, you will find rose, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli. And in the base notes, you will find musk, oak Moss and the green and vanilla. These go together to make a very astonishingly good fragrance.

It's one of thees fragrances that you have to have in your collection. So if you're new to the niche fragrances and you're looking for something amazing this is definitely the one that you want to add to your collection first.

Worldwide success for a good reason. This is what we want from a niche fragrance.

Creed Aventus clone - Armaf Club de Nuit Man Intense

What makes this fragrance really special is the fact that this is a clone of Creed's Aventus. There are so many clones for Creed Aventus out there, and sometimes it becomes a bit annoying after a while. You know some people don't like the fact that there's a lot of clones out there.

The top notes for Club de Nuit Intense are lemon, blackcurrant, apple, bergamot, and pineapple. So we have a very prominent fruity opening.

So what you get in this fragrance? You get a very dominant lemon note with little nuances of the black currant, the apple, the bergamot and you get this very smoky pineapple. The opening is about 90% similar to Creed Aventus.

Obviously, this is a clone, so it is going to smell like Aventus, but it's not exactly the same as an Aventus. To me, Aventus is a higher-quality fragrance.

Opens up smelling fresh, clean, very strong, but so incredibly beautiful. It's amazing that you can buy a fragrance that smells so close to Creed Aventus for much cheaper, but this is really nice. I really do like the smell of this.

The lemon is easily the strongest note without a doubt, and I would say the black currant was also really strong as well. It's like a very strong lemon with a tiny bit of black currant mixed into it with a very nice smoky quality.

The middle notes in this fragrance are rose, jasmine, and birch wood. The birch wood is what makes this fragrance smell very smoky. So if you smell this fragrance, and you get that smokiness, that's coming from the birch. The birch is actually very natural smelling. It smells like burnt wood. I get a little bit of rose, but it's not as quite as strong as I would like it to be. It's the same way with jasmine. The jasmine note Is not dominant like the lemon or the black currant or the birch wood.

And in terms of the dry down, we get the notes of vanilla, ambergris, musk, and patchouli. I think that Armaf has intended to make this fragrance smell like an Aventus. Of course, Aventus cost a lot of money, and this is for people who want a cheaper alternative. But when I say that this is a cheaper alternative to an Aventus I don't mean that it's a lesser alternative because the overall quality of this fragrance is sky-high. It's insanely close to an Aventus. The only difference I would say is that this fragrance is more smokey than Aventus. It's like a much smoky version. So if you want Aventus and you want it to be a smokier version this is a great version to go for. I just love how classy this smells.

Longevity on this is great. I get at least eight to nine hours, and I believe this is an Eau de Parfum concentration. So you know you will get a good performance and no doubt about it you will receive compliments.