Cologne gift sets for him

Today we speak about cologne gift sets for him. There are three fragrances for men that I suggest you buy as a gift.

I'm going to start off with the men's fragrances. I've got three price ranges: cheap, middle expensive and expensive.

We're going to start off with a cheap gift.

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I own about 20 Aventus colognes. I own cheap Aventus clones. I own middle price Aventus colognes. I own expensive Aventus colognes. This is, in my eyes, the best price-value proposition you can get with an Aventus cologne.

It's not the same. It's not equal quality, but if you spray this thing, you get a nice performance. Like seriously, it's not a bad performance. It does last a long time and smells very similar to Creed Aventus for around $40. This is pretty solid in that regard. It smells amazing. It really does. I could tell you, the top notes are lemon blackcurrant, apple, bergamot, and pineapple, and the middle notes are rose, jasmine, and birch. The base is vanilla and ambergris.

So this would be my suggestion for you as a nice gift to somebody. Whether it's your brother, your uncle, your boyfriend, your husband, whomever. He probably won't know Club de Nuit, but he will smell like a very expensive wonderful fragrance, which is Aventus.

Guys are usually not so much into fragrances. So I do want to share my honest opinion, that this is a pretty good copy of Creed Aventus. So this is the cheap fragrance category substitute for Creed Aventus and generally is a nice gift.

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense 4PC Set for Men

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense gift set contains: 3.6 Fl oz. EDT + 1.7 Fl oz. perfume body spray + 3.4 ounce shower gel + 8.4 Fl oz. shampoo

This one is the middle price fragrance. This one simply smells like a fresh shower gel fragrance. It is masculine and fresh with some depth. This is sort of a spicy ambery kind of smell. It smells sweet and spicy to me. When it first opens up, you get this kind of citrusy spicy kind of fragrance. It's more grapefruit rather than bergamot. In the dry down, though, it does get a little bit darker, but it still has a very nice citrusy opening. It still stays there until the end.

You can't go wrong with this one. Any man, any age, with any type of outfit can wear this one, and pretty much everybody will like this fragrance. I'm not kidding you. This is a very good fragrance for the price you're paying. It's not expensive, but it's not cheap. It's right in the middle. So it's a great gift idea.

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue By Versace Gift Set

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme gift set contains: 1.7 oz. Eau de Toilette spray + 1.7 oz. sfter shave balm + 1.7 oz. shower gel

The next fragrance that we have is expensive. This fragrance is, in my eyes, the best niche fragrance in the past three years. So if you want to spend some big money on a fragrance, I suggest you go for this one.

It's a fragrance inspired by the court at Versailles under King Louis the 15th, which was known as the perfumed court. It's composed of top notes of citrus, lavender and apple; heart notes of violet geranium and jasmine; base notes of vanilla, patchouli, Dayak wood, cardamom pepper, and sandalwood. I think this makes it a great scent for early spring, especially if you're interested in masculine florals.

You will receive a beautiful heavy bottle, which will look expensive. Parfums De Marly boxes are great too.

The person who receives it will immediately realize that this is an expensive gift of good quality.

This perfume still smells like a niche, smells differently, but has excellent characteristics and excellent mass appeal. Similar to what Aventus did on a fresh side. This is more on the sweet side.

You get a niche unique fragrance but with a strong performance. So get this one if you want to give somebody a gift that is very expensive.

Parfums De Marly Layton Royal Essence

Parfums De Marly Layton Royal Essence gift set contains: perfume refillable 10 ml + perfume refill 2 x 10 ml

This would be my suggestion, guys, if you want to give men a nice gift. We've got cheap Club de Nuit, middle expensive Versace Dylan Blue, and highly expensive Parfums De Marly Layton Royal Essence.