Best Perfumes for women

These are my top sexiest and best perfumes for women in the world. It's unbelievable how much I took care of this topic. I've smelled over 500 fragrances in different shopping malls. I have smelled over the past 20 years different fragrances on women. I didn't want to throw out a list of different fragrances and tell you this one is sexy, or this one is sexy…

There are many sexy fragrances, but these are the best, and I have a very specific story to each one of those and for which woman these fragrances, in particular, fit the most.

And before we start with that list, I want to say one more thing: Use fragrances; that's all you have to do to boost your attractiveness.

Of course, you can do your makeup for two hours, you can search for great outfits of designer stuff, but what is easier in this world is there, than to spray yourself with a sexy fragrance? And I'm here to save you a lot of time, so you can choose the best perfume for every situation.

I'm just saying, in a man's opinion, these fragrances are the best fragrances at the moment for a woman.

I have two honorable mentions for you. We're going to start off with one that has one of the most beautiful fragrance bottles. I'm talking about Prada La Femme.

Prada La Femme is simply just an honorable mention because I have another better, and my eyes, substitute for this one, which is also perfect for clean daytime office wear. So, this is a very clean and inoffensive type of fragrance for a job interview or office work. This fragrance is just wonderful, super fresh, and very soapy.

Prada La Femme is a female equivalent of Prada L'Homme, which is the absolute superstar in the men's fragrance world.

Chanel Gabrielle

This is exactly the fragrance that kicked out Prada La Femme. It is clearly a daytime fragrance. This fragrance is for an inoffensive job interview or if you're meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time.

The second honorable mention is Armani Emporio Because It's You. This is an honorable mention because there is a better fragrance than this that goes in the same direction.

What direction am I talking about? I'm talking about a very popular female fragrance DNA, which is the rose-raspberry accord. So many fragrances do share this accord; very pronounced. I have to say I have a much better fragrance for you, ladies, as a suggestion.

Which is Lancôme: Trésor Midnight Rose.

This is still the champion, although, if you like this type of direction, which is rose and raspberry, definitely grab this one.

For a good reason, this is one of the best-selling fragrances in the world. It's definitely, out of all of these fragrances I'm going to tell you right now, the best summer fragrance for the daytime.

I love this perfume. It smells great and it's not too overpowering. It has a nice, clean fresh scent to it, and it has amber, white rose, and bergamot and other yummy scents in it.

There is no better summer fragrance for a woman in this world for the daytime than Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.

Dolce Gabbana Light Blue alternative - 24 Ice Gold

24 Ice Gold came out in 2016. It is classified as a floral woody musk fragrance. Top notes include bergamot, apple, and red fruits. Middle notes are jasmine, rose, and cedar wood. In the base are patchouli and white musk.

A lot of people are comparing this one to Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue for women. The scent is absolutely unisex, and yes, it has similarities to Light Blue.

In 2018 they released an intense version of Tiffany & Co. This has all the same notes as the original, but they've added some additional ones here. There's a Kashmir note, which really helps with that musky note. It has iris — a very expensive aromatic oil and gorgeous spiral scent. They've added some pear, and pink pepper and benzoin, and so it just packs a stronger punch.

This is the best intense version of the fragrance I have ever smelled. It is so much better than the original Tiffany fragrance. It has powdery elegance and a unique fragrance DNA.

It lasts longer and it's a heavier perfume. It has a good performance, although it's a fresh, nice unique fragrance DNA. So, if you really like the original, then definitely try this because you're going to maybe get a bit more for your money because it's stronger; hence the name intense.

A fun facts about this perfume is that it actually has the fragrance notes of carrots in here. I cannot smell carrots in this perfume, but it is in there, apparently. So, someone was obviously having a bit of an innovative day when they decided to put that in here.

Still, it is very mass appeal. Many people on this planet will enjoy this fragrance on you.

There is finally a great fragrance again by Thierry Mugler, and finally, a unique new creation again. This is a completely new fragrance. How does this scent smell? This is the best explanation I can give you: Watch the advertisement and see how the whole theme of that commercial looks; this is exactly how this fragrance smells.

This is a very green and woody, almost like a jungle fragrance. Fresh, green, and definitely mysterious. You get a minty, green, fresh, sensual scent. The strongest main fragrance note is actually rhubarb leaf. But there are loads of generic woody and green notes in here.

So, it really does feel like walking through the Amazon forest. Just look at the advertisement. It really smells the way it looks.

They put a fair amount of vanilla in here, which really helps make it deep, intense green. It creates a strong green perfume, and there really aren't many strong green perfumes out there. Usually, a green fragrance is very light, fresh, and airy spring-like. This one is really deep.

It is fantastic, just like all of the others on this list. I'm very happy with this Thierry Mugler release.

This is very sexy to me, and I think it's a romantic, feminine fragrance. For me, it smells like your first love. The first love that you ever had. Those butterflies in the stomach, that amazing feeling.

Maybe she was the girl at your school in your class, you always had an eye on; a true love story. This is how this fragrance smells to me.

There are notes of bitter orange, orange blossom, and sweet Italian orange, along with jasmine, honey, ginger, sandalwood, and vanilla.

This opens up as citrus because there are so many orange notes; the bitter orange, the orange blossom, and the Italian orange. So, you get a nice, fresh citrus smell when you first spray it. Then the jasmine floral notes come out. I also get ginger. Even though it's a base note, you do smell it predominantly in the top when you first spray it. You get a lot of the notes mixed together, and when it dries, each layer just comes out on its own. So, if you smell the citrus, you smell the jasmine, you smell a little bit of that ginger and some vanilla, but as it dries, it becomes deeper, more mysterious with the sandalwood, the honey, the ginger, and the vanilla.

This is just so romantic. This is a sexy date night type of scent. I feel like it's a good summer scent but not in the direct heat of the summer. I think it's for a mature person 25 and over. Like she's the person in the office that everyone talks about, they don't know exactly what she does outside of work. She doesn't mingle with anyone. She doesn't socialize. She's polite when she speaks and there is an air of mystery around her. No one really knows what she does outside of work. She's just very low-key, keeps herself very mysterious and sexy and she always smells like this. I love it.

I recommend it. It has amazing longevity. The projection is really good, but as it dries, it does soften up. You can still detect the scent of it on you, but it's not as overpowering as it is when you first spray.
It's a little bit heady at first, because of the ginger the citrus. It kind of could be a lot, so just be very wary that you don't overspray.

Armani Code clone - Milton Lloyd DNA

Smells exactly like Armani Code. This perfume is very strong and very nice as well. But that won't last very long. You can use it many times, but it will give that strong smell for a couple of hours before it basically fades out.

The pricing of this fragrance is not even that much. You can find it for less than 5 pounds. That's how cheap it is.

This is a very affordable, very nice, very strong fragrance, and yes, it only lasts for a couple of hours.

This is a recent discovery that simply blew me away. I wanted to spray it on a girl, and I wanted to dip my face and my nose into that.

It smells so good; so seductive and powdery. Definitely an evening scent, and somehow, I don't know why, I see a Latina kind of a woman wearing this or just a seductive, sexy brunette kind of a girl. And exactly a woman that knows a hundred percent what she does. How she gets the guy. And she just plays with him. She does whatever she wants with him. For a high-status, sexy goddess woman, but somehow I see a dark-haired woman wearing this.

This fragrance is something where you find out more and more the more you smell it. You find out more great things about it. The more it is on, the more intimate it is, the same as a date should be. It's definitely one of the best evening fragrances in the world.

The scent is absolutely amazing. It is a very interesting scent. The main components of this perfume are vanilla, lavender, bergamot and tonka bean, so it's very fresh, a little bit spicy but also like a very sweet and powdery scent.

This just sparks your interest somehow. It's very trustworthy. It has very common notes, but it somehow has this seductive Guerlain sexiness. I'm very sure this will be a big hit.

It is a gorgeous masterpiece of a fragrance. One of the best perfumes for women.

Dior made a reformulation, so this is the 2017 version. This is a nice fragrance. I love this perfume. It was originally named Miss Dior Chérie and renamed as simply Miss Dior. It's still just as beautiful and just as elegant. And Dior says he designed the perfume to dress each woman in the scent of desire. It's impeccably blended with Italian mandarin, jasmine and Indian patchouli. It is a bit fresh, it is a bit sweet. It has everything.

Miss Dior has great projection and can be worn by every woman every day.

It is not the best job interview fragrance, it is not the best clubbing fragrance, but you could technically wear it everywhere. This would be your Swiss Army knife.

If you know the 2016 version of the Armani Code, which was not called Cashmere but was called Satin, you will recognize this fragrance.

The sexiest date night fragrance. It has jasmine and sexy sweet almond. Great for your date night. Fantastic for a first date for you girls. It is very inviting, very cozy.

This is a winner. You know they say this is good for a fall and winter, but you can smell the orange blossom, and if you live in hot areas, you could pull this off all year round because of that orange blossom note.

This one smells pretty much, almost exactly the same as Satin. What does this mean? You have the original Armani Code DNA, with some added seductive praline sweet delicious notes. It's kind of like a praline. It has a creamy, velvety-smooth scent. It's such an ironic scent. It's elegant but cozy and casual. It makes you feel good on your skin. Easy to wear. You wear this, you're not shouting for attention, you're just smelling darn good.

Words that come to my mind are yummy, sweet, white florals and almonds. It's got a touch of spice in it that makes you feel comfortable, seductive and super slim when you wear it. The longevity is 9 hours easily.

Age group on this is 21 years and up. Any group can wear this. I love this fragrance and I do recommend it. I think you can blind buy this with ease. You will fall in love with this fragrance.

So, I always say you got the Armani code DNA mixed with some delicious praline accord; very velvety, very smooth, very cozy, very inviting.

This is incredibly sexy. You know that this girl attracts the attention of thousands of guys. She flirts with a thousand guys. She just knows how to behave to make you think she's the most gorgeous woman in the world. You know that she may have a ton of makeup on her, she may have silicone breasts, but at that moment, you don't care because it's just sexiness that you see, as we men are dumb at times. I showed this fragrance, for example, to a female friend of mine. In fact, she was not such a big fan of it. She said: ”This smells like 'come and take me!'.” If you want a guy to rip your clothes off, that's the fragrance to go for the direct way.

It is as seductive as the woman is. Like a woman who has no other purpose in life than being seductive. That's how seductive this fragrance smells.

This is basically like a stronger version of the original, so if you like the original, then you should definitely get the Gold one because it will basically just last longer and be stronger. People often say that this is one of the sexiest perfumes that you can get. It's like a big, strong, sweet hug.

The Viva La Juicy line is already the queen of the fruity floral sexy DNA, and from that Queen fruity-floral sexy fragrance DNA, this is the best version of it, because it adds even sweeter, stickier caramel, so it's even sweeter, and this is just the sweetest Viva La Juicy.

This is a fragrance that you never heard of because it's so rare to find. The way it looks, the way it smells, the way it lasts... It lasts forever, and the things that it does to your skin because this even has gold inside, which makes your skin a bit shiny when you spray it on. This is the perfect exclusive gift. The perfect package. The perfect fragrance for a woman.

It is a perfect fragrance. It's just feminine, unique, long-lasting, sexy and exclusive.

This scent is delicious. It smells like a tropical desert. I want to have the smell around me all the time. I want to have a girl around me all the time just so she can wear this fragrance all the time. I think that's a good compliment for fragrances.

Some fragrances are perfect for the summertime, other fragrances are perfect for a date night, when you want the guy to rip your clothes off, and others are perfect for an evening out, being classy and sexy... But this one has everything.

It is appreciated in the normal daytime. It's a sexy seducing fragrance. It's unique. It has everything.

But one thing you should know: it is not cheap, but who cares! Great fragrances are a good investment. The bottle is beautiful too, and if you guys are looking for a really gorgeous white floral scent, and you wanted to get something niche, and really beautiful and wearable. Try this. I highly recommend it.