Best men’s colognes

This is my list of best colognes for men of all time. I have worn most of these fragrances for at least years, so I can tell you: “Yes, these colognes will get you compliments.” These colognes are all absolute superstars.

If you don't get a compliment sometimes, it's not bad. Sometimes people won't compliment you even if you smell amazing and sexy, even if they think you are the sexiest man alive. Sometimes people don't compliment you because they are intimidated or they are not social. So they don't give out compliments.

Last thing before I start the list. I told you, there is no magic pill in life to be successful, rich, or sexy. In my opinion, the amazing thing is that the fragrance is the only real magic pill in life. Guys, it is that simple.

Of course, you actually shouldn't stink and overspray it with fragrance, but you know what I mean. There is no easier thing to boost your attractiveness. So indeed, we have found a little magic pill.

One extra tip. Don't be an idiot and think: “Okay, he says these sprinkles are appreciated by all women.” Of course, everybody on this planet loves music, and everybody on this planet enjoys fragrances. But you can't please everybody with one song, and you can't please everybody with one fragrance, so be aware of that. But like there are evergreen superstars in the music industry, there are evergreen superstars in the perfumery.

This fragrance is a spicy woody sexy men's scent, dominated by notes of amber. I think this is the strongest projecting fragrance on my list. Projecting smells super unique, smells expensive, and in my opinion, it smells really nice. This is my ultimate winter outlaw fragrance. No other fragrance than this.

Great oud  fragrance with sweet woody notes, and long-lasting. I was absolutely floored by how good this fragrance was. When you initially spray it, you're going to get a heavy dose of woods, followed by vanilla that sweetens up the woods and helps calm it down. I'm telling you, this fragrance is underpriced for what you get.

This is a date evening fragrance, as well for the younger guys and definitely for a club type set. If you are looking for a new club scent, definitely take a look at this one for the season.

Eau Fraiche was released in 2006, and the perfumer behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. He has worked on many other fragrances in the industry. The most iconic is Angel by Thierry Mugler. So he has a pretty good reputation.

It's a well-blended fresh citrus scent for hot summer days. Good quality for the price with moderate performance. The scent is awesome. Women love it.

It smells just like it brings back memories of the beach. It smells similar to the woman's version of Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue, just a very nice mix of fruits and cold, sandy air.

When it first opens up, you're going to be greeted with a nice dose of lemon and a nice dose of bergamot. Lemon maximizes the freshness, and the bergamot neutralizes the acidity of the lemon. You also have this backbone of cedar, which complements the composition. A lot of people say how they get some spicy nuances. There is a lot of spices. There is saffron, cardamom, and tarragon.

It's not like other aquatic fragrances. This one has some depth, too. It has a lot of dimensions, and it's unique.

This is certainly a fragrance that will garner a lot of compliments. It's a very fresh and spicy scent.

Versace Eau Fraiche clone - Antonio Banderas: Blue Seduction

It's a clone of Versace: Eau Fraîche, but this fragrance, I feel, is less synthetic, and it has a strong melon note. It's just a highly regarded cologne in most parts of the world.

That melon note is so beautiful. It's sort of like when you first cut open a melon. It's just that burst of fruit, and I love it. It's not sweet. It's not like sickly candy sweet. It's a beautiful, melon sweet kind of scent.

Incredibly, I'm telling you, the women love it. Antonio Banderas himself said that this cologne is targeted for men from 25 through 35.

This is listed as a woody aromatic fragrance. It has woody properties in there, like the sandalwood and the cedarwood. If I have to be honest, it is one of the best fragrances made in the past ten years for men. Fifty-year-old businesspeople compliment me on this fragrance. It's amazing. Bleu de Chanel has a masculine scent and is very dominant.

I get 12 hours plus on my skin; some people might get eight hours, others might get six hours. I'm speaking for myself. I got 12 hours plus on my skin. I can't believe it. It's amazing. It's awesome.

You will definitely enjoy this fragrance a lot. I think that this is a great scent. It's very easy going, inoffensive, and a compliment-getter.

People around you will love it. This fragrance will get you compliments. You will be happy with this fragrance and feel like you're on top of the world. You guys have to go out and try it yourself.

It's an amazing cologne overall. You can't go wrong with it. One of the best office fragrances on the planet. Girls will love you with this scent if you are wearing a suit. Chanel did a fantastic job with this fragrance.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel alternative - Versace: Dylan Blue Pour Homme

There are two other fragrances that are very similar to this; these are Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel. All of these fragrances are good.

I get a lot of the strong musk and patchouli when I spray it on my skin. If you like these other fragrances, like Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel, but don't have those two and you want to just get something a little cheaper, I would suggest trying this one out.

In my opinion, this smells probably about 95% as close to Acqua di Gio. You can get smells like Acqua di Gio with a slight spicy note. I had amazing compliments. I got like five compliments this year from different girls that work at the high-class fragrance store. They all wanted to ask, what is this. No girl asked me if I'm wearing Acqua di Gio.

As far as performance and longevity go, this is a beast compared to Acqua di Gio current formulation, which is still good. Perry Ellis 360° definitely beats it out. This is probably one of the strongest budget clones that I've ever bought. To me, four to five sprays of this, and you can easily smell this 12 hours later. I hit one spray on one of my shirts one time, took it off, threw it in the hamper, and three days later when I went to do laundry, pulled it out, and got the shirt close enough to me, I instantly picked up on the Perry Ellis Red 360°.

It's very cheap, but still a very good cologne, in my opinion better than Acqua di Gio. So especially with the price, you cannot go wrong. This comes off as a spicier version of Acqua di Gio.

I can only tell you that if you want to have a "cheap" compliment gatherer, buy it.

If I would have to make a list like "Top Five Fragrances," and if I only had to have one fragrance in my life, this will definitely be in it. This sexy scent is unbelievable.

But this gets me compliments only when people get close to me, for example in a club when people come close to my ear. But when talking with people or going through the city, I didn't get many compliments with it. But if I asked people directly about how they liked it, the comments went through the roof with Dolce Gabbana The One.

The perfumer behind this fragrance is Olivier Polge, who also did many other very successful fragrances: Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf, Hot Water by Davidoff, and the list goes on.

I have to say, the scent is absolutely amazing. It's so good, such an awesome, timeless, sexy fragrance DNA. One of the best performances on this planet, seriously.

Dolce & Gabbana The One clone - Vera Wang: Vera Wang

This scent was released in 2004 by Vera Wang. The top notes are yuzu and green Manton leaf. The mid notes are a nice leather and nutmeg, and the base notes are tobacco and sandalwood.

This is an aromatic oriental fragrance. It's really warm and sweet, but it isn't so heavy that you can't wear it in the spring and summer, but it is really nice for winter

This scent is okay in regards to projection and longevity. Max projection is minimal from the very beginning, but the scent is really nice. What's cool is Vera Wang created this scent for men on their wedding day, so this is meant to be a wedding-day scent.

The fragrance came out in 2001. It's a clean, fresh fragrance that just has you smelling like soap. So there's a lot of musks, and there's a lot of citruses. This musk is very dominant in this scent, and that's what gives it that soapy quality.

Mugler Cologne is the best soapy fragrance in the world. After it, you smell like soap. You smell like you are fresh out of the shower. Of course, it's so pleasing to have you around with this kind of scent, but sometimes people don't compliment you. Because they say, “All right, he smells like maybe he washed his hands or maybe just steps out of the shower an hour ago.” But don't be mistaken, this is not a weak fragrance. This is really an amazing cool bomb.

I would say that this is a wonderful spring-summer fragrance, basically a signature scent for some people. I feel what happens when people smell the scent on you is they just get the impression, "You're a clean person." This is definitely a nice scent that makes people think, “Wow, this guy is clean.”

Highly underrated scent. I'm going, to be honest with you guys, I don't really love it as much as other fragrances. I get a lot of compliments from fragrances. But I have never had a fragrance in my entire life where I got like 10 compliments in 10 minutes. It is shocking to me. The first hour with this cologne is: "I am God, smell me. I am God, people come to me." I can only tell you, girls crazy love this. You will get many compliments. Every girl loves this scent. When I walk around within the food market, women tell me: “You're the best smelling guy I have met these days. You smell amazing.”

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme opens up with a fantastic mint. There is also a distinct pepper and some Chanel sweetness in the background. There are three stages of this fragrance. The first stage, which I don’t really like, is when I smell it really close to my skin. The second stage, where I like it more, is when it is slightly in the air, and I smelled it from a distance. It has a nice, masculine aroma. The third stage, where I was shocked how good this smells, is actually when I tried this fragrance yesterday on my friend. I smell it on him from 2 meters distance and I was amazed at how good this smells. He had a sexy, masculine scent; unbelievable. I'm telling you, if you spray it on your skin and smell it, the scent will be aggressive. But do the test. Go to a department store, spray three sprays on your friend, and follow him. After ten minutes, you will think, 'This guy is the best smelling man I met today.' You will be very impressed.

It is a versatile cologne. You can wear this for anything, everywhere. You can also wear it all year round, in the high heat or in the strongest cold. This fragrance is for a date, club, work, casual wear, suit, restaurants, whatever. It is for any purpose, for any clothing style, for any moods; for day or night. I really respect Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme clone - Armaf: De La Marque Brune

This is a clone, as you know, of Chanel, Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. Very similar to it; more powdery, a bit sweeter.

The smell is very good. The performance is also very good. This one lasts for at least 8 hours, and it projects for about 6 hours, maybe even more.

This one is different than Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. That one is best for summer, but this one is good for spring and for fall because it's sweeter.

As for the age group, I could say this could be worn by anyone. It's suited for any male.

Something amazing. The most pleasant fragrance in this galaxy if you want to cuddle with a girl. Imagine you have a new girlfriend and you are going to her house to meet her parents for the first time. This is the fragrance that should be on you at this moment. You are having nice refreshing scents on your clothes, and already the deal is sealed because they think you are the perfect boyfriend for their little daughter.

You really can't go wrong with the complement factor on this one; it's through the roof, which is why the fragrance has been so popular for so many years.

This versatile fragrance works in most situations. It's easy to wear, as it will work well at any time of the year for any social setting. It has ginger notes, and you also get a spiced apple and a little spicy pear. I really enjoyed wearing this one. It is definitely a compliment-getter.

I think that it's a classy designer fragrance, a master blend of fresh and spicy citrus done perfectly well for any scenario. It is inoffensive, a signature scent-worthy fragrance and a must-have in every collection.

Classy gem, fresh, energetic, and creamy - most versatile cologne.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme clone - Michael Jordan: Flight

Great woody, fresh, aromatic, citrusy fragrance. This one combines top notes of bergamot and orange blossom, mid notes of sage pepper and pear, and base notes of amber vetiver and seaweed.

Pick this one up if you're looking for a great value and something very similar to YSL L'Homme. A great value and a great scent from the greatest basketball player of all time.

That is actually such a scrumptious masterpiece; I don't know if it's a masterpiece, but I do quite enjoy it. Valentino Uomo Intense is another creation from one of my favorite perfumers, Olivier Polge. Olivier Polge also created Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense, and you're going to notice that in the DNA within Valentino Uomo Intense.

Valentino Uomo Intense is one of those fragrances where I've had several people say to me that I smelled like sugar cookies, which is really interesting because I don't really get that at all.

It smells like some kind of lipstick sweet, but it smells really good. It doesn't smell like any type of bad lipstick. It is like some way-expensive lipstick kind of. Weird saying that I know, but that's what it smells like for me.

What do I get out of this fragrance when I spray it on? It's very intense. At first you get that iconic, delicious, almost voluptuous, iris note and then it goes into this really nice hazelnut-type fragrance, paired with the iris. So, I basically get if somebody was sitting next to me that had a whole lot of expensive lipstick caked on as well as an open jar of Nutella.

Valentino Uomo Intense lasts at least eight to ten hours on my skin. It's very intense. It starts out pretty aromatic on me, and it kind of comes close to the skin around the three-hour mark. This is 100% a compliment-getter, and it is such a good fragrance to pull out when you want to make a statement as far as dressing up. I feel like this is something that could be used for casual use as well because of its gourmand quality, but it is something that does have a refinement to it that screams luxurious to me.

Again, you have to be dressed upscale. Never wear a black leather jacket or a t-shirt or a polo shirt to the thing. Wear this scent upscale, nicely dressed, when you're pimping the street.

The only thing that I would say is that it's not necessarily the most original, based on the fact that it does smell very similar to the same DNA as Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense, but the quality is there in the ingredients. It just smells really, really delicious, so it does all the things that it's supposed to do as a fragrance and it smells really good.

You know, this is something for a classy man. Aventus smells really good. If I have to be honest, Aventus would also be in the list of the sexiest fragrances. If I had to describe this fragrance in three words, I would say it's powerful, dominating, and very masculine. It is masculinity in a bottle.

Aventus is all smoky and fruity. It smells like an apple with pineapple, like wood, like musk, like a real man that just chopped down a tree and drinks a single malt whiskey.

This fragrance is definitely all about the pineapple and the dry birch wood. I get a lot of the combination of these two nodes, and it really makes for an interesting scent, as well as performance.

I believe that this is a scent that will get you compliments from both men and women; this gets me many, many compliments. It simply gets me the most uninvited compliments from total strangers, no matter where I am; in a store or in some kind of weird bar. Creed Aventus is a superstar fragrance from a niche world.

You know, niche fragrances are usually more expensive and highly selective distribution fragrances. You can't get them so easily. Fragrances are an art form, and this is definitely one of the best colognes for men in the niche currently on the market.

Aventus is super versatile, and can be worn with any outfit, any time of year, and for any occasion.

Creed Aventus clone - Armaf Club de Nuit Man Intense

The top note of this fragrance is lemon. Lemon is the first thing you get as soon as you apply it. And it's a harsh lemon. I don't even know why they put that lemon in it. They should have just put pineapple in it. But once that lemon wears off, the mid-note and everything else under the mid-note is amazing.

This is really a fantastic cologne. I recommend people to go out and get it if you really want to get something similar to Creed Aventus.