9 uncommon compliment getter fragrances for men

Today we'll speak about the top nine super uncommon compliment-getters.

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I'm going to start off with the first one, which is John Varvatos Artisan Pure. This one is unexpected, not because I did not think that this will get compliments, but I seriously did not expect that this would get so many compliments.

These bottles are pretty nifty. I love the basketweave, it gives it a very custom feel. Artisan Pure is a classic combination of green florals and citrus. It's a natural smelling fragrance. It smells very authentic, which is amazing. Especially considering this is a modestly priced designer fragrance. There's nothing really synthetic about this. It doesn't smell like it was cooked in a beaker or a petri dish. This is high-quality smelling citrus.

What's also nice is the citrus, which is supported by the petitgrain. There is a beautiful uplifting herbal quality to it. That makes it more than just basic citrus. And for me, the woody dry down sets it apart from your radiant bergamot, and your bright neroli is out there.

I love to wear this if I'm in a tropical environment. It smells like the beach of Bahamas, Miami Vice, and linen suits.

I wear this in the high summer heat, and it lasts about 3 to 4 hours on my skin; and even if you use the pro tip of spraying your clothes it'll last longer, but then you lose that nice woody dry down that sets this apart from other fragrances.

I imagine if you wore this in a more upscale environment where the temperature is perhaps a bit lower, it would last longer, but based on my experience wearing it in the summer, it hasn't performed all that well. Anyway, Artisan Pure is a solid release, and you're gonna get mind-blowing compliments.

It's naturally fresh smelling, nice performance, unusual scent DNA, and gets good compliments.

Very impressive, just like Artisan Pure in the performance category. A much more common scent category than Artisan Pure, because it is an improvement on the already pretty nice Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

The main notes you get are kind of aquatic sea notes. You'll get some grapefruit, some orange, a little bit of musk, and a little bit of amber wood.

Basically, this one took the original DNA and made really small tweaks to it. It's a little bit less salty. So, for those of you that weren't a fan of that note, you might want to pick this one. Light Blue Intense is less peppery, it's fruitier, and it has a nice, sexy aquatic vibe. I have gotten impressive compliments for this fragrance.

Performance is the same, if not a little bit better. Again, nothing overly mind-blowing for this fragrance. They did do a good job in toning down the saltiness. I think it makes it just a little bit more mass appealing, and just a little bit more pleasing, because that saltiness can be off-putting to some people.

This will be perfect for casual wear in the spring or in the summer, especially on really hot days. Maybe when you're going to the beach or you're going to the pool.

You can't go wrong with this one. This one will get you as many compliments as the other Light Blue fragrances. It will be a pretty good compliment-getter for people who like this type of scent. And just overall a nice mass pleasing scent. It is a little bit more of a refined, slightly different take on the original.

At the top, there is bergamot and cardamom, and the heart, there is cedar wood and kayak wood, and in the base, there's vetiver and blossoms. Not a lot going on, but again, this fragrance is all about vetiver, and vetiver is one of my favorite notes. It's one of the masculine fragrance notes that I really, really love. It's one of the masculine notes that I first sampled from my dad, so as I was growing up, he was wearing vetiver fragrances; especially from Guerlain. I started to enjoy how great the vetiver notes smelled.

This fragrance is so underrated. In fact, I have never heard anyone speak about this one. So, I thought, let's definitely review this one. Now you get to find out about this one because it is really underrated and one that should be checked out now.

You can go and sample something that I recommend here, and it might not appeal to you, but for me, this one is really unique. It's a great combo and blends cardamom and vetiver together, with vetiver being the dominant player and the cardamom being its supporting player. Please go check this one out.

This one is the most intense vetiver fragrance on the market. Vetiver is like smoky earthy wood. That's so surprising, that I just recently got a compliment for this one. If you love vetiver, try Parfums de Marly - Byerley.

This fragrance is gorgeous. Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain is one of the most luxuriously delicious fragrances I have ever gotten my nose on.

The presentation for Tonka Imperiale is one of my absolute favorites in the game; the elegantly beautiful gold-plated bottle that it comes in. These fragrances are very expensive. Especially in the older bottles. They are going to skyrocket for the price point.

This fragrance is one of the most complimented, one of the most refined, one of the most beloved fragrances in my collection and has been for such a long time. I got compliments from cool guys that smell this one on me, and it's was very weird that men complimented me on this one.

The overall scent had many different descriptions. Over the years lots of people have said that this smells like an almond cookie or gingerbread. It smells like marzipan. It smells like cake. It smells like a delicious gourmand should smell. It just opens up with a really scrumptious almond that wears really nicely on the skin.

I feel like it really draws people in. It's just so luxurious, so scrumptious, so sensual, that when you go shopping or whatever, people will ask you what it is that you're wearing.

It is a versatile fragrance. I can use this all year long on any occasion. I adore this fragrance. The projection, again, isn't great. The longevity is at least eight to ten hours on my skin. If you spray it on your clothes, you'll get more and a little bit more projection and sillage.

I absolutely hold this fragrance on a pedestal. It's a masterpiece in my eyes; an absolutely scrumptious almond cookie-type fragrance, and I completely adore it. So if you like gourmand fragrances, try this one out.

Everybody knows by now the idea behind Molecule 01 - is the name Molecule. Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules was really popular when it came out a little while ago. It was so unique by just using one fragrance note, Iso E Super. That's obviously a synthetic note that has been used more and more these days to sort of amp up the performance of other fragrances.

But what does it smell like on its own? It's hard to explain. This fragrance is transparent. Some people smell like nice skin. Other people say it's soft smooth woods. And then there's a lot of people that say it smells like nothing at all.

I got two unsolicited compliments from different people. Crazy. Molecule 01 is a very strange performing fragrance because it only has one note. It's not extremely apparent in the air all the time. It comes in waves. You don't smell it too much if you spray it on yourself. But every once in a while, it gives off nice swaths of an interesting, sexual, musky, skin-like vibe..but every once in a while, not always. It's an unusually smelling and performing fragrance. It's not like anything else.

Molecule 01 seems to be the fragrance for the people who don't like fragrances. It's not a very loud fragrance. You can wear it to the office. But if you really are into fragrances, you want to smell them and smell them develop. But Molecule 01 is just kind of...not. Don't get me wrong, the performance is still really good. I think it's really cool, and many people will find a lot of good use for it. But it is probably the least blind-buy worthy fragrance that I would ever recommend, not because it is really polarizing but because it's just so weird. If you blind-buy this fragrance, you probably won't finish your bottle. You may like it, you may use a bunch of it, but you're not gonna finish your bottle.

I think it's really cool to have. I do not recommend it to the general masses. So this one, of course, has to be in the list for the unusual compliment-getters.

It is surprising to me that this just recently got me a lot of compliments because it's a simple vetiver fragrance. Fresh and clean. A very classy, very clean, elegant fragrance. Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver is an old-school gentle, mannish, fresh and clean fragrance that will definitely surprise you.

It's just awesome. It has notes of grapefruit, nutmeg, sage. He's got some woodsy notes in it, of course, it's got vetiver, along with oakmoss, orange blossom, amber, and orris.

I sprayed this on my skin and I fell in love. The dry down is beautiful. Just a sweet, very clean vetiver.

The longevity is awesome on my skin. I get eight to ten hours. The projection is awesome too. You know, everybody's skin chemistry will be different, so you might want to go to your local fragrance shop to try it on. See how it does on your skin.

I got a couple of compliments with it on so far. But again, you know you've got to be in the right situation to get the compliments. But to me, it's a great scent. I suggest anyone that likes vetiver and very clean fragrances to go pick it up. I enjoyed it a lot.

This is such an unusual compliment getter because it is very oud, and it's very animalistic.

What you get with this is essentially a woodier and slightly musky version than the original Layton. It's still quite mainstream, so it's not too crazy, too much out there. It's definitely wearable on a lot of different occasions. I would say that it's even more versatile than the original Layton because that somehow felt limited to the whole date situation kind of thing. This one is also suitable for a more formal occasion or for just as a signature fragrance for everyday use in general.

Oud fragrances do usually have a hard time getting compliments, and animalistic fragrances also have a hard time. This has both. Still, this has gotten me compliments in the evening in the beach party area. This has gotten me the compliments in the gym. Two of the most inappropriate situations I would normally wear this one. Very surprising. Not only artistically a fantastic fragrance, but also in the compliment sector. I did really enjoy it, and I think it's super versatile.

In terms of performance, I think they also stepped things up a little bit, so this lasts well seven to eight hours in total. The projection time is within the first two to three hours, and even after that, I get the occasional whiff of the fragrance, which is really nice.

Actually, I also would say that this is more of a hot weather fragrance or at least more than the original Layton. Because I can pull this off with 20 to 25 degrees Celsius with no problem at all. I think because it is woodier it works better with hotter temperatures in general.

So my conclusion is that this is a woodier spicier and slightly must be a version of the original Layton. I think it's great if you did kind of enjoy the original one, and you wish for a more niche version of it. I think you would be very happy with this one. They stepped up the performance quite a bit, and I think it's a very good deal for the price but still more of a mainstream type of niche fragrance in general.

So if you are just getting into it, you might want to check this out as well.

It was such a big compliment-getter for me. Very surprising. And the most surprising thing about this one was that I wore it very often in formal situations, and I got an incredible number of compliments.

It's got some mandarins and neroli flower. I believe something like sea notes, so it's a citrusy, salty, oceanic sort of fragrance. Very masculine. I love it straight up on your skin. I'm one of the people who just love this. Some people describe it as a dirty orange, just because it is so citrusy, so strong, and masculine.

So it's not sweet. It's kind of musky, and it's just a really nice fragrance. It's just a must-have in your collection.

It also has good performance. Bvlgari AQVA Amara is not only the cheapest one in this whole list, but the best in performance if you consider the freshness that it has. Of course, Layton Royal performs better, but it's an oud-based fragrance.

It is the summer fragrance. You can wear it other times of the year, but it's best suited for the hotter weather, hotter nights. It just works...a couple sprays in the summertime, maybe two or three. That's enough because it is quite a strong scent.

It's unbelievable. The compliments of this one are incredible. You can wear it everywhere easily. You don't have to go for Prada L'Homme always. You can also wear a masculine fresh Bvlgari AQVA this summer.

Overall, it's just a really awesome fragrance, and this is one of my favorites, especially for the summertime.

The essential iconic timeless fragrance is known as Black Orchid by Tom Ford. This is so potent. This is so different. This is so polarizing. This fragrance is a rich, dark, alluring potion of orchids. Honestly, it's a captivating fragrance. It definitely captivates a lot of attention.

Beware: Not everybody will like it because the DNA is very bold.

It has a rich, really enticing smell to it. Honestly, every time I wear it, I get compliments on it. I remember I also complimented a man that wore this one.

This is an iconic timeless fragrance, and it's worth every pound and every dollar because it is a top choice. It is basically a top-tier fragrance. I definitely recommend it. This is a very uncommon compliment-getter.